Processing Times & Fees



Processing Times


Step 1: NNAS

Applicant applies to NNAS. Part of application is submitting many required forms. See NNAS website for more info about fees.

Varies widely

Can take up to one year

$650 (USD) = ~$845 CA


English test (e.g.IELTS) ~ $300


Possible additional costs for translation of forms

Step 2: ARNPEI

Applicant applies to the ARNPEI and submits payment. ARNPEI receives application and report from NNAS. Then ARNPEI reviews and acknowledges receipt of application, and informs applicants of next steps.

2-3 weeks after receiving application & required documents

$ 500

Step 2a:

Competency Assessment

If advisory report from NNAS is not comparable or somewhat comparable with Canadian nursing standards and further assessment is required. Applicant will have to do a competency assessment.




Additional costs for traveling where the center is located


Required Coursework

If supplementary education is required based on the results of the competency assessment.


Per course  $225 -$ 450

Step 3: NCLEX-RN

When applicant is found eligible to write the national nursing exam by ARNPEI. Applicant can register to write the national exam ‘NCLEX-RN’.


$ 360


Additional costs for prep materials

Step 4: ARNPEI Registration & Licensure

When applicant has passed the national nursing exam. Applicant can register with ARNPEI and become licensed as a registered nurse.


$ 450

Factors That Can Delay the Process:

  • graduation from a nursing or practical nursing program that doesn’t meet entry-to-practice competencies
  • lack of evidence the applicant has practised nursing or graduated from a nursing program within the past five years
  • lack of evidence the candidate demonstrates language proficiency in English
  • unsuccessful completion of the national registration exam
  • failure to produce other documents requested by ARNPEI in a timely manner