Student Nurses and New Graduates

CRNPEI welcomes all student nurses and new graduates to our website. This is an excellent time to enter nursing! There are so many career opportunities awaiting you! Nursing offers both men and women a wide range of opportunities for career challenges, travel, professional development, and the personal satisfaction of working in a caring profession that helps people to get well or to stay healthy (see more on CNA's website about Becoming an RN).

Student and New Graduate Nurse Resources

  • Standards for Nursing Practice (2018) see Legislation-Bylaws-Policies/Standards
  • Entry Level Competencies (2015-2019) see Legislation-Bylaws-Policies/Standards
  • Graduate Registration Policy (2018) see Legislation-Bylaws-Policies/Policies


Applicants for registration as a registered nurse (RN) in Prince Edward Island are required to successfully complete the computer-adaptive NCLEX-RN exam, administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). The following are some links to help you understand how to prepare to take this exam. The Canadian Nurses Association also provides a detailed list of resources on their website. Some of these are free and others can be purchased.