Complaints and Forms


The College of Registered Nurses of Prince Edward Island is authorized to regulate Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners in PEI. It is the College's responsiblity to ensure all nurses in the province practice ethically and competently and to investigate concerns that they have not. The College sets standards of conduct, provides ethical advice, provides guidance to nurses to improve their practices and, when necessary, disciplines nurses who do not meet these standards.

If you feel a nurse practising in PEI has conducted herself or himself improperly, you may file a complaint in writing. The College will investigate complaints about a range of professional conduct and competence issues. The nature of your complaint will affect the way it is handled. The resolution process may involve mediation, dismissal, investigation by an Investigation Committee or Investigator and, in some cases, a hearing.

Filing the Complaint

If you have a concern about a nurse's practice and wish to file a complaint with CRNPEI, you must provide your complaint in writing, on the form below. We cannot accept complaints by telephone and we cannot accept anonymous complaints. Please use the form below and provide a description of the conduct which is the subject of the complaint including: the name of the nurse, what did he/she do or fail to do, where did it happen, when did it happen, and the circumstances in enough detail to make the complaint clear. Be sure to include your full name and contact information, including your full mailing address and telephone numbers.

You may attach copies of any documents you feel are important in order to clearly explain or support your complaint. Please note: we cannot help you write your complaint, nor can we advice you as to what you should write or include. You do not need to quote the provisions or relevant parts of legislation that you feel the nurse breached.

You must date and sign the form and return to CRNPEI either by mail, email or fax. Our contact information is listed on the top of the form.

When we receive your complaint, we will write to you by regular mail to acknowledge receipt.

The nurse involved will be sent your complaint and asked if they would like to respond, which they must do within 30 days. Once the nurse's response is received, if any, a copy will be sent to you. 

If you are a nurse who has had a complaint lodged against you, please use this form to submit your response to CRNPEI within 30 days of the notice of the complaint.