CRNPEI Overview

CRNPEI is the regulatory body for all 1800 registered nurses and nurse practitioners in Prince Edward Island. Since 1922, CRNPEI has been granted the authority through the Registered Nurses Act and since July 4, 2018, the Regulated Health Professions Act, to regulate the profession and to advocate for healthy public policy in the public interest. The specific roles and functions of CRNPEI include:

  • to regulate the practice of nursing in the province through education, registration, licensing and maintenance of professional conduct standards 
  • to establish, monitor and enforce professional standards to enhance the quality of nursing practice
  • to protect the public from, and to strive to eliminate practice by, incompetent, impaired, incapable and unethical practitioners of nursing
  • to maintain, improve and advance the standards of nursing practice in the province
  • to assist members to engage in quality nursing practice
  • to work in collaboration with other health professions towards the improvement of health services
  • to promote research in nursing
  • to promote health

The affairs of CRNPEI are governed by a 9 member Council: 6 nominated Registered Nurses (Council Chair, Council Chair-Elect & 4 Councillors) plus three public representatives.

CRNPEI is a member of the Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regualtors (CCRNR) as well as the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA). The CCRNR exists to promote excellence in professional nursing regulation, and serve as a national forum and voice regarding interprovincial/territorial, national and global regulatory matters for nursing regulation. The CNA is a national federation representing and speaking on behalf of the nursing profession both nationally and internationally. CRNPEI's current Council Chair, Robin Laird is a voting member of the CNA Board of Directors. Through CNA, CRNPEI is represented on the International Council of Nurses (ICN).

CRNPEI employs three full time and one part-time staff to carry out the day to day operations of the College.