List of Committees:

Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners is a committee appointed by Council to examine and report on issues including and related to the development and writing of examinations of applicants for registration in the Association, and to conduct such activities and perform such functions as may be specified in the regulations. The members are: Melissa Panton [chair], Rosemary Herbert, Katelyn Fraser, Eileen Larkin, Celie Walsh-Gallison, James Sullivan, Jean Neil, Tara Roche, Debbie Flood-Vickerson, & Lynne Fraser.

Nursing Education Program Advisory Committee

As stated in the RN Act, the Council shall appoint an Education Committee to advise and make recommendations to the Council with respect to (a) education regulations made or authorized under this Act; (b) standards for nursing education courses and programs; (c) reviewing periodically the curricula offered by schools of nursing; (d) addressing programs or curricular components which do not meet the minimum standards as established by the Association; and (e) such other matters as the Council may direct. The members are: Rosemary Herbert, Melissa Panton, Katelyn Fraser, Eileen Larkin, Celie Walsh-Gallison, James Sullivan, Jean Neil, Tara Roche, Debbie Flood-Vickerson, & Lynne Fraser. 

Professional Conduct Review Committee

As per the RN Act, the Council shall, in accordance with the regulations, appoint a Professional Conduct Review Committee to inquire into, investigate, hear and decide complaints and the consequences of the conduct of members. As stated in the PCR regulations, the registered nurse members of the Committee shall have at least five years of experience in the practice of a registered nurse, and shall serve for such terms as may be determined by the Council. The members are: Tara Roche [chair], Mary MacSwain,

Daphne Blanchette, Jo-Ann MacDonald, Anita McCabe, Christina Murray, Melissa Panton, Robin Laird, Kathy Larter, Heather Rix, Eileen Larkin, Helen Flynn, Dawn Inman Flynn, Marla Townshend, Trevor Cudmore, James Sullivan, Susan Clory, Jill MacKinnon, Merissa Mitchell, Meghan MacDonald, Lynn Drake, Cathy McKenna, Craig McDowall, Public Rep Barbara Henry, Public Rep, Gerry MacPhee, Public Rep, Richard Collins, Public Rep, & Lisa Pyke, Public Rep.

Registration Committee

ARNPEI’s Registration Committee is a mandated committee under the RN Act, whose primary purpose is to provide oversight to the registration and licensure process for registered nurses in Prince Edward Island. The Registration Committee is responsible for the development and review of policies and procedures pertaining to the registration and licensure of nurses as well as for the continuing competence program (CCP). The members are: Patrice Drake [chair], John Miller, Rachel MacDonald, & Robin McCarthy.