What's New

An invitation to a celebration of the Canadian Nursing Heroine -- Georgina Pope -- Nov 1st at 7 pm

     See Celebrating the History of Nursing for details

Public Health Agency of Canada releases update to Breastfeeding of the updated Family-Centred Maternity and Newborn Care: National Guidelines

     See Events & Resources / Resource Documents for details

Diabetes Canada -- Clinical Practice Guidelines Released

     See Events & Resources/ Resource Documents for details

Wounds Canada Conference, London, Ontario

     See Events & Resources/Conferences & Workshops for details

Bylaw Changes 

     Review the latest changes to the Bylaws approved by Council on September 24, 2018

Update on Fee Schedule 

     Important changes to fee schedule, note that the amount for PAD will increase for the Nov 5th payment in order to ensure that members have sufficient funds to cover the 2019/2020 registration fee.